Family Law

Family law encompasses many subjects from separation and divorce to child custody and support. The complexity of laws and guidelines associated with these distressing issues are confusing and overwhelming for almost everyone. It is during this time that you need a trusted, competent attorney to guide you through a difficult, highly emotional time in your life.

Separation and Divorce

North Carolina is a “no fault” divorce state meaning that anyone can seek a divorce without cause. However, there are other issues which come from this action that will need to be resolved such as equitable distribution of assets and debts, alimony (spousal support), as well as child custody and support if children are involved.

Even though North Carolina is a “no fault” divorce state, you must have been separated for at least one year before petitioning the court for a divorce judgment.It is strongly advised by Hands Law Firm that you seek the assistance of a family divorce lawyer as soon as possible to make sure you are receiving the protection you need during this time.

 Child Custody and Support

Two types of child custody are granted in North Carolina; physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody concerns the decision of where the child or children physically reside. Each situation is unique and based upon a family’s needs and circumstances. Legal custody determines which parent makes the everyday decisions for the child or children without having to seek consent from the non-custodial parent. Child custody laws can be extremely confusing; especially considering the needs and best interests of all partied involved. An experienced family law attorney will help to guide you in your choices that are best for you and your family in this trying situation.