Real Estate Law

The purchase of a home and/or property is one of the largest financial transactions most people will experience during their lifetime. While it is an exciting time, it is also a time that can be fraught with difficulty and surprise.

Contract Negotiations

A real estate lawyer works to negotiate the most favorable contract for his or her client making sure there is reasonableness to offers and counteroffers. An acceptable offer by both parties will require a signed contract, which is a legal and binding contract. The legal advice from a trusted real estate attorney will ensure you are entering into the most favorable contract for your purchase.

Legal Title of the Property

A real estate lawyer will review the deed or title of a property looking for liens or easements that may affect the transfer of title from one owner to another. Any issues can be found and addressed before the day of closing to ensure the closing is a seamless process.

Preparation and Review of Required Documents

Documents include not only contract, transfer of title, and closing papers but those required by the mortgage lender. A real estate lawyer will make sure that all paperwork is properly prepared, processed, and filed with the appropriate organizations.

The Closing Process

The attorney you choose to assist you with this exciting transaction will accompany you to the real estate closing and further represent your best interests. He or she will protect you by making sure the deed presented is the same as that which was originally agreed upon. As well, he or she will protect you from creeping, unexpected closing costs and neglected repairs or requests that were not honored according the original contract.

In addition, an experienced real estate attorney will be able to guide those involved in foreclosures, short sales, problem properties, properties in distressed or problematic areas, or jointly owned properties where one partner is non-cooperative. The attorneys at Hands Law Firm are experienced and prepared to help you with any and all issues you may face with the buying or selling of property in the Charlotte Metro area.